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Flavor of the Month Club.

Welcome to Crack Caramel

If you crave a sweet, buttery glow, you have come to the right place! Crack Caramel, an artisanal confectionery based in Marin County, California, under the auspices of The Golden Gate Caramel Company, Inc., makes handmade caramels in a HUGE variety of scrumptious gourmet flavors. Once this caramel melts on your tongue, you will be entirely addicted.

The Back Story: Why "Crack"?
One Holiday season, I made homemade caramels as gifts for my friends. Their reactions were so over-the-top positive that I decided to keep making caramel to see what happened. Soon, wherever I went, people greeted me with, "Oh! You're the Caramel Lady!" One friend shared my caramels at a local North Bay dance studio. The troupe immediately pronounced my caramels "totally addictive," and it has been Crack Caramel ever since.

The Caramel of Your Dreams

Crack Caramel started with my mom's awesome family recipe. Building on that excellence, I give each flavor its own unique formula. Yes, the  vanilla caramel in my California Summer Salts© was created to pair prescisely with that specific California sea salt.

Mission Statement
My goal is to create distinctive, fresh, hand-made caramels that deliver ecstasy in each and every bite. In short, to deliver the ultimate caramel experience!


  • If you have a special occassion coming up, you can order today and then check that chore off your list. Just include a note with your order about your desired delivery date, and I will take care of the rest. 


Custom Flavors Coming Soon:

  • TiburonTurtles - A totally new way to enjoy the freshest combination of toasted pecan halves, homemade caramel and chocolate. You'll be amazed and I cannot wait to show you!